This production of West Side Story at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin

was Directed and Choreographed by Robert Arditti

The Sets were designed by Alan Farguharsen.

The Prologue the Jets relaxed and sailing along

Roy Rowlands, Daniel Swan, Conner Byrne, Kieran Daniels,Keith Kirkwood and Steen Young.

The Sharks entrance led by Des Perenara

The Jets fly high

Keith Kirkwood, Connor Byrne, Kieran Daniels and Duncan McVicar

An ambush is set and the Jets rush in

Action 'Kieran Daniels' dives at a Shark, Robert Jakeman in a confrotation


The Prologue Rumble  being broken up by the cops, Schrank and Krupke

The Blues the Jets and the Sharks letting off steam

The Blues goes on and the tension mounts

The Mambo is a contest between the two gangs


The Shark Circle led by Bernardo and Anita Des Perenara and Renee Stork

Still Anita and Bernardo Dance to compete and win against the Jets

Publicity picture


The Balcony Scene with Tony and Maria, Peter Emides and Louise Bradley


The Girls dance the wild America number led by Anita, Renee Stork

This step sequence is known as the sixes from Cool

Daniel Swan, Connor Byrne, Keith Kirkwood, Kieran Daniel.

The break out step from Cool

Steen Young, Christine Mullen, Connor Byrne, Caroline Ranger, Duncan McVicar, Keith Kirkwood, Gail Whitehead, Kiren Daniels.


Louise Bradley and Peter Emides sing One Hand One Heart

Keith Kirkwood, Baby John looking for his friend Arab and the other Jets

Gee Officer Krupke "Cause no one wants a fellow with a social disease"

Steen Young, Kieran Daniels, Keith Kirkwood, Roy Rowlands, Duncan McVicar, Jimmy O'Byrne and Daniel Swan

Maria at the Final moment when Tony lay dead

Robert teaching the girls America

Picture shot through the mirrors

Robert Arditti, Nicole Carty, Renee Stork, C. J. Ranger and Fiona Dunbar

David Bolger sitting in the background

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