In 1972 West Side Story was remounted for a tour of the United Kingdom

The Show was staged by Robert Arditti and Produced by Bill Kenwright and David Gordon

Here we see Ray Davis as Riff singing the Jet Song

Little Boy you're a King

Anita, Clovissa Newcombe, Bernardo, Peter Daly and Maria, Veronica Page getting ready for the dance

The Two Gangs dance the Blues at the Gym

The Grind

The contest starts as Riff, Ray Davis and Graziella, Jackie Bristow start the Jet Circle

and still the dance goes on

The pent up feelings of the Jets in Cool with Bernard Sharpe as Action

The Jet Girls in Cool

Maria, Veronica Page and Tony, Jam Smilie sing 'One Hand One Heart'

The Jets in the Quintet

We'll find a new way of living 'Somewhere Ballet'

Dear Kindly Judge you're Honor!

Maria cradles the dying Tony as they sing Somewhere

The Shark Girls in Publicity shot