West Side Story, Tykyo 1977 cast staged by Robert Arditti

Somewhere sung by Kayoko Ishu

cast list translated by Mayuko Hall

In 1977, following the success of Illya Darling and the 1974 production of West Side Story, I was asked to restage West Side Story in Japan with a new cast. There were a few major changes but I also had many of my original cast to work with. I was very happy to have Mari Tachikawa playing Anita once more as this is one of the most difficult roles to cast. Baby John from the 74 cast Masachika Ichimura, was moved into the role of Bernardo. At that time West Side Story was maybe the most popular of all musical show in Japan with many fans, and so once again I found myself teaching a new cast this wonderful show.

Robert teaching the prologue to the second cast in Tokyo

Rehearsal of the Mambo

rehearsals of Shark Mambo

Robert teaching Maria, Akiko Kuno the meeting scene and the Cha-cha

setting the entrance into the Dance hall after the meeting sceen

The Quintet rehearsal

rehearsal of the Somewhere Ballet procession

Tony lays dead in Maria's arms after Chino

played by Haruyoshi Nishikubo has shot him


                        Riff dances the Prologue                                                The Jets perform the Jet Song

                         Osami Iino played Riff


                                    Something's Coming                            Anita leads the Sharks in the Mambo

                                    Takesi Kaga as Tony                            Mari Tachikawa as Anita


                                          Tonight                                                                     I like to be in America

                            Takesi Kaga and Akiko Kuno

The Jets in the number Cool

the acting is all important in this number

The War council

with Masachika Ichimura, Osami Iino and Takesi Kaga, Kazuhisa Seshimo


  One Hand One Heart 

Hey...He he is chicken!


The fatal Rumble which leads to the death of both Riff and Bernardo

I Feel Pretty sung by Maria, Akiko Kuno totally un-aware

that Tony has killed her brother

Takesi Kaga & Akiko Kuno in The Nightmare

the vocal for Somewhere in the Ballet was sung by Kayoko Ishu

Gee Oficer Krupke

Atsumi Miyazaki, Shinichi Kobayashi, Yoichiro Kawahara, Noboru Suzuki

and Koji Hishiya on his knees

Mari Tachikawa & Akiko Kuno sing when Love comes so strong

Your Love is Your Love!

Tony's dead body is carried by members of both gangs

Action played by Koji Hishiya comes face to face with Pepe, Kaoru Honda