Sleeping Beauty Staged by Robert Arditti

Following a production of Mother Goose at the old Leatherhead theatre, I was asked to do

the first pantomime production of Sleeping Beauty at the newly built Thorndike

As with all Pantomime there is always a big opening number

Jacquline Clarke centre

The Spinsters arrive at Court to great the new baby princess

All are happy about the birth of the Princess and joy is spread accross the kingdom

Lord Dan of Deni leads the number

Lord Dan of Deni declairs his love for Spinning Jenny

Stacey Gregg & Jaquline Clarke

The evil Fairy, Gaby Vargus calls her sprites to build a wall of thorns around the Castle

on the princesses 16th birthday

As she comands they start to build a thicket

The Queen of evil leads her sprites

Fineally Fairy Dream a While teaches her sister that beauty is deep with in

Gaby Vargas & Diane Grayson


Patricia Michael & Anna Sharkey

The Prince and the Princess get married as in all good fairy tales, and all ends well

ever after!