The Music Biz was a trial of a new musical with a Faustian Theme set in the 1960s

Directed and Choreographed by Robert Arditti

The show starts in a working mens club somewhere in the north of England

with a sub standard dance act trio the Tinker Sisters played by

Tracy Hart, Holly Russel and Lynette Dundas

Laurie Webb as Danny

The Compare of the club the usual tacky has been comic performer

He introduces a new up and coming singer Miss Julie Carr

played by Nicola Kimber

Julie sings her lateast recording

She encounters a drunk during her act and runs to the dressing room for cover

Back Stage the Compare talks to all about the pit falls of the Music Biz

Everybody starts to dream of what their life would be with the right break!

above Dick Aldridge, Stephen J. Dean and Tony O'Keeffe

even the Chorus Girls have their dreams of stardom

finaly all are feeling high on their dreams

"Cos' that's the Music Biz!"

Julie goes to London and starts hanging out in the mus'o clubs

The title number of the show 'The Music Biz'

The song tells of the rise to fame and the fight to get there

all have their own story and solution to get what they want

From the singers to the backing players

each will crawl on their hands and knees for that one big break

above Michael Gyngell

or jump through hoops to get to the top.

Julie soon meets a new manager and her life takes off.

Julie sings 'Don't Let The Music End'

Julie's old Jewish Agent played by Hugh Futcher

the agent explains the Music Biz to his assistant

The girls tease the third member of the team Cindy played by

Holly Russel about her married lover

Lynette Dundas and Tracy Hart sing 'There goes your baby!'

Julie teams up with her new arranger Mike played by Peter Fleetwood

Then cuts a new disc

before she knows what is happening Julie is taken to a PR company

camp hairdressers and makeup guys fawn over her

plus a slick team to sell her to the public

Steve Fortune and Debra Mcullock sing 'Everybody needs P.R.'

Stone or the Devil, Julie's new manager starts to tout her record

The Devil gets a team of touts to sell Julie Carr

above the team with Ted Merwood as Mac

Allan Walsh, Michael Gyngell and Debra McCulloch

Back at the PR company lots of deal are being done

Julie is told to leave Mike alone by Rena played by Clovissa Newcombe

The Big number of the show 'Mr Teaser'

The girls setting the pace for Julie

Julie sings 'Mr Teaser'

Rehearsals start for Julies tour of the US

the Devil never far away pays the girl to upset Julie with stories about Mike

In America the PR people try to get Julie to the top

Tracie Hart and Michael Gyngell

however when Julie doesn't please Mr.D she finds herself

back in the working mens club where she started.

Had she known stardom or was it all a dream?

two rehearsal shots from the playbill