Annabel Croft made her debut in this who done it Musical thriller

based on 'And then there was None'

Miss Tweed 'Geraldine Newman' arrives on the scene

The Guests have all been invited to come to dinner

Top: Annabel Croft, Stanley Lebor, Maggie Bourgine, Paul Milton, Geraldine Newman and John Kearns

below: Jackie Harben, Bruce Douglas and Paul Bradly

Each toast to their good fortune

Stanley Lebor, Paul Milton and Maggie Bourgein

Fear arrises in the guests when they realise that the Butler didn't do it!

All are shocked after the Butler falls dead

The Colonel 'Stanley Lebor' tries to get to the bottom of it all!

Lady Grace 'Maggie Bourgein' finds solice in the Colonel strong arms

The ladies try to comfort each other as the guests get picked off one by one

Hope falls for the young Student the only univited guest

Phil Knowels and Annabel Croft

The ladies led by Miss Tweed decide to stand together

Even the staff feel worried that they may be the next to go

Jackie Harben and Paul Bradly

The wicked Nephew tries to blackmail Lady Grace

Not knowing her fate Hope sings of her love

Robert Arditti Director checking the trick Vase that eats Lettey the maid!