Performance Pictures

of Robert

Robert Arditti centre 1957

       Still from "The Four Just Men" 

Robert's Spotlight Picture

as a child Actor 1959


Elaine Miller,  Maurice Lane,  Francesca Annis,  Robert Arditti and Geradine Neal

1960 Ballet for the Russian federation of Classical Ballet




At 14 Robert went into




Robert as Baby John on his first night in West Side Story

at Her Majesty's Theatre London  age 14 years waiting for curtain up!

This was followed by a national tour and went onto a tour of Scandenavia when Robert was 16.


Tommy Merriefield, David Bean, John Christen and Robert Arditti in

Gee Oficer Krupkey!


above: Peter Whitmarsh, Ben Gerrard, Robert Arditti and Tom Merrifield

in COOL!

The show closed in Helsinki and with heavy heart the company said goodbye.

on returning to England Robert did some summer shows amn Pantomimes

seen here in rehearsal for the Anne Shelton Summer Show in Weymouth


After Summer season Robert did one of the many Panto seasons where young performers

learned their trade this one was

Puss In Boots

 Its star was Frankie Vaughan


In 1965 at the age of 19 Robert returned to West Side Story in the first production to be done behind the Iron Curtain


this time however Robert played Action


Robert sings "Gee Oficer Krupkey!"



After West Side Story in Hungey Robert returned to the Ballet

where he remained for a year Dancing many of the role he dreamed of as a young boy.



Paula Rufina & Robert Arditti


Mendelssohn, Variations

During the contract with the ballet company Robert made the movie

The Yellow Hat

After this Robert returned to the musical theatre

and found himself in Belguim doing


Kiss Me Kate





seen here with Domini Winter



after a string of tv and musicals then next stop was


Good Bye Mr Chips


with Peter O'toole and Petula Clark

publicity clipping from womans mag' Robert left Miss Clark right

from the "London is London" number

then onto




Robert Arditti, Louane Richards & Antonia Ellis

A Still from

Toot Sweets

Robert Arditti, Vince Logan, Dick Van Dyke, Tommy Merrifield & Ray C Davis


Me Old Bamboo

Robert Arditti, Dick Van Dyke and Ray C Davis in the foreground

after a few more movies it was onto



with Albert Finney as Scrooge

The People happy that Scrooge has passed on

the final number below in the movie when Scrooge has mended his ways 


Thank you Very Much, this was a big number in the movie