Illya Darling 1974 Totyo cast staged by Robert Arditti.

Fubuki Koshiji starred in this musical based on the movie Never on a Sunday,

and working together we became good friends but sadly she died in 1980. Ya chara Kochan

Homer Thrace comes to Greece, the Golden Land of legend

where he meets a local prostitute named Illya.

Illya Darling

Darling Illya Like a Song we Sing your Name

Never on a Sunday, a Sunday, a Sunday

Cos' thats my day of Rest

19 sailors dancing "Heaven help the Sailors"

We're in for Stormy Weather

The Medea Tango in which Illya tells her own version of the story

with a happy ending

She explains that Medea hides the children till Jason is a good husband

and then they all went to the Sea Shore

Dear Mr Schubert with love, Homer teaches Illya the classics

Illya sings Dear Mr Schubert with Love

Come any day and you'll be my guest!

Illya says good bye to Homer Thrace as he prepairs to return to the U.S.

both have grown from their encounter and now it is time for Homer to return home

As Homer boards the ship Illya calls "Ya Chara! Homer"

Robert and Koshiji setting the Never on a Sunday number

a little down time in rehearsals

but before long it was back to the grind stone